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A wide range of varieties that are not only an excellent way to care for and decorate our homes with plants, but also a way of relaxation for those who live in spirituality and balance with nature.
This art has been shown since its inception not only as an excellent way to care for and decorate our homes through plants, but also as a way of relaxation for those who live in spirituality and balance with nature.
The most representative typical dishes are gazpachos manchegos, atascaburras, ajo de mataero, olla potajuda, arroz con collejas, ajoaceite, potaje con rellenos, gachas or migas ruleras, among others.  There are, in turn, a large number of typical sweets, many of them with Arab reminiscences.
The municipality has an eighteenth century parish church of no artistic interest, and an interesting neighborhood of cave houses, buildings carved into the rock, an example of popular buildings typical of the region.

Joaquín reyes: types of children – el club de la comedia

When I called her to give her the keys, she told me to read the annex because the floor was dirty. What do you think after a 10-hour party with 50 people? I didn’t have any food on the floor because I personally was picking it up and she tells me to read the addendum? THERE WERE ONLY BALLOONS ON THE FLOOR!!!!!
On the other hand, you did sign an addendum to the cleaning where it said that the 15€ covered the cleaning and not that there were food or liquid leftovers in the room. One thing is to dirty xq in a party logically stain and another stain because what we stain is not ours without caring how we leave the things that have been delivered to us in perfect condition, coffee dripping over the microwave, cherry tomatoes on the floor and pieces of cheese and bread wet and stepped on, ice for the room etc ….
The person who is going to clean the room can call you to tell you that the 15€ you receive for each of the cleaning without me keeping anything and that specifically the day of your party took more than an hour and a half to leave the room in condition after how you had left it.

Good music + laughter with “earth swallow me cenachero moment”.

Wet paper balls thrown against cars and impossible to remove. Far from being a one-off event, it has become the daily life of the neighbors who park their vehicles on Tinte de Albacete street, located in the heart of the capital.
“Two months ago I started to see my car full of paper balls with water. I thought it had been a hooliganism, but a few days later it happened again and I have already had to wash the car five times in a month,” explains Mateo González, a resident of the area, indignantly.
This Monday, when the young man was getting out of his car, he saw a ball thrown from a building hit the ground. “It was about to hit me in the face and, when I looked up, I saw that they were throwing it at me from a window, so I didn’t think twice and called the switchboard to find out where they were coming from,” Mateo tells EL DIGITAL.
@PoliciaAlbacete @AytoAlbacete for two months the neighbors of the dye street we are receiving in the cars bolazos of wet paper in our cars when we leave them parked at night. Talking to a neighbor she is aware of this, seeing the bus stop….

Celebration in the albacete balompié locker room

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