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Vargas Zapata y Luján Ponce de León, Diego de. Marquis de la Nava de Barcinas (I). Madrid, c. 1650 – Bernalillo, New Mexico (United States), 1704. Military man, alcalde mayor and justicia mayor, governor and general capital of New Mexico, peacemaker.
Three governors succeeded each other. Otermín reconquered Cochiti, soon lost. Domingo Jironza Petris de Cruzat followed (who made seventeen sorties against the Indians, causing many casualties). Pedro Reneros followed, who took Santa Ana, but abandoned it.
Cruzat ruled for the second time; he defeated the Indians in a pitched battle on August 29, 1689, but did not occupy the territory. From 1680 to 1692 the enormous territory of the governorship of New Mexico was in the power of the rebellious Pueblo Indians.
and that, notwithstanding these abominations, he was sent to him with all authority to pardon them, except that they should return to the bosom of the Church and swear to His Majesty the King as their legitimate monarch.
“It caused him notable devotion such a finding”. In Alona, a town without people, he left the cavalry, because of the prostration of the horses. In Aguatubi, forty leagues away, he met eight hundred Moquino Indians, armed, commanded by their captain, named Miguel. Vargas made a halt and calling the chiefs, he indignantly apostrophized them. With his single speech he made them lay down their arms. They agreed to enter the town, and they did it before the fervor of the Indians. Captain Miguel asked Vargas to be the godfather of the baptism of his grandchildren.

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As a man, Diego de León y Navarrete came into the world in Cordoba in 1807, but as a count he was born in the battle of Belascoáin three decades later. Specifically in the bridge of Belascoáin, which he liberated twice in the first Carlist war for the liberal side. After Andalusia and Aragon, the Count of Belascoáin fought in Navarre, where he had been previously stationed, in Legarda, Uterga, Muruzabal, Obanos, Puente la Reina, the Perdón mountain and, of course, Belascoáin, a strategic bridge that allowed free access to Pamplona. Later he was named viceroy of Navarre.
The current count highlights two facts of his ancestor’s biography: that he died an unjust death and that he faced it heroically. The painter specialized in historical battles, Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau, has lent a portrait of Diego de León for the cover of the book.
José Andrés Álvaro recognizes that he has a weakness for the 19th century. “You have to take into account what the 19th century was like, with coups d’état, military pronunciamientos… it was a very convulsive century,” he explains. “The pronunciamiento that leads to the death of Diego de León arises in Pamplona, Pamplona is the place where O’Donell releases the proclamation, and his death is also linked to Navarre,” he points out.

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