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From Better Clinics we propose to you Centro Médico Milenium Murcia, as an option to have a Polyclinic Center near Calle Pintor Sobejano Bajo in the town of Murcia (zip code 30004), in the province of Murcia.
The assistance offered by Centro Médico Milenium Murcia, consists of Emergencies. Neurology. Pharmacy. Nursing. Minor outpatient surgery. Obstetrics. Podiatry. Internal medicine. Internal medicine. Oncology. Major outpatient surgery
The price of Centro Médico Milenium Murcia or other polyclinics is another factor to consider. But when we talk about health it takes on a relative importance, because valuing a clinic exclusively for its prices without taking into account other more relevant aspects can make you make an unfortunate decision. In our blog you can find several articles that refer to each of these aspects.
Centro Médico Milenium Murcia is located in the category: Multipurpose Centers and, as we pointed out above, its care offer consists of Emergency. Neurology. Pharmacy. Nursing. Minor outpatient surgery. Obstetrics. Podiatry. Internal medicine. Internal medicine. Oncology. Major outpatient surgery

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El Milenium Centro Médico de Murcia ha sido diseñado específicamente para satisfacer las necesidades médicas de usted y su familia. Dispone de una serie de especialidades que abarcan todo el espectro de necesidades médicas. Los Centros Médicos Milenium le permiten ahorrar una gran cantidad de tiempo en desplazamientos, ya que están situados en el centro y son de fácil acceso.
Tendrá la oportunidad de concertar sus citas en línea, lo que significa que podrá reservar de forma rápida y sencilla. Si lo desea, el Centro puede enviarle un mensaje SMS cuando tenga los resultados de las pruebas o análisis que le hayan realizado.
Generalidades: L-V de 08:00 a 22: 00h. y S de 08:00 a 14: 00h.Medicina general (sin cita previa): L-V de 8:00 a 22:00 horas y S de 09:00 a 14:00h.Medicina General a Domicilio (sin cita previa): 24 horas / 365 díasEnfermería (sin cita previa): L-V de 08:00 a 22:00h y S de 09:00 a 14:00h.Hospital de Día (Sin cita previa): L-V de 08:00 a 22:00h. y S de 09:00 a 14:00h.Fisioterapia (sin cita previa): L-V de 08:00 a 13:00h. y S de 15:00 a 22:00 h.Análisis Clínicos: L-V de 08:15 a 12:00h. y S de 09:00 a 11:00h.

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At IOM Centro Médico MILENIUM we have clinics in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Our philosophy is “Excellence for your Health and Beauty”. We are pioneers in the Canary Islands in cutting-edge treatments and technology.
At IOM MILENIUM Medical Center we are specialists in Ophthalmology, Oculoplasty and Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery, Overweight and Obesity Unit, as well as covering practically all medical specialties.
The bet initiated by our team in 2013 with the aim of providing in the islands the most avant-garde and less invasive medical procedures to our patients also includes ULTHERAPY technology, MORPHEUS, FACE TITE, SHOCK WAVES…
Eyelid correction with 3 different techniques, Dr. Jorge Alvarez Marin ophthalmologist, oculoplastic performs this procedure with blepharoelastic and transconjunctival laser without scar. It incorporates the new ULTHERAPY technology without surgery.
Treatment reduction of dark circles under the eyes in one session, Dr. Jorge Alvarez Marin Ophthalmologist, oculoplastic and Master in Aesthetics. Specialist in periocular rejuvenation. Pioneer in the Canary Islands of the technique “Eyes and circles”.

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When you are undergoing treatment that requires the administration of injectable medications, the professionals of the medical center’s nursing service are the specialists in providing the best personalized care.
The hospital emergency department is the medical care area indicated for the treatment of punctual illnesses and serious accidents that present themselves as an emergency and require immediate medical intervention.
Fine Needle Puncture-Aspiration (FNA) with ultrasound control is a technique that, through ultrasound imaging, allows obtaining a tissue sample from the body to analyze it in the laboratory and detect alterations.
For the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and aesthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, face, head and neck that require surgery, professionals in maxillofacial and oral surgery are the specialists in this field.
Pneumology is the medical specialty that studies diseases of the respiratory system. For an adequate diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, it is necessary to count on the experience of physicians specialized in pneumology.

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