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Marco Ariza, the minor missing since Monday in Torrejón de la Calzada, has been found in good health in Illescas. He had voluntarily run away with another girl of the same age to this town in Toledo.
A fire in an area of interior courtyards of a residential building in Torrejón de la Calzada has had to be controlled by the Fire Department of the Community of Madrid, who have prevented it from spreading to neighboring houses and buildings. No injuries have been reported.
The regional government, presided by Ángel Garrido, has announced the creation of two new schools in Alcorcón and Loeches in order to meet the current population growth and the need for schooling in the region. Within the framework of this same initiative, which will have a total investment of 11.6 million euros, the Community has included the expansion of three other schools in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Torrejón de la Calzada and Madrid.
Three defendants have accepted this Tuesday a conviction for the crime of omission of the duty of distress after the events that occurred on April 24, 2016. A cyclist invaded the lane on the Madrid-Toledo service road and, unable to avoid it, the car ran over him, continuing on its way without stopping to help the victim.

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“I exchange 112 m2 apartment, furnished, with swimming pool, two parking spaces and storage room for a cab license”. Ads of this type are multiplying on the network. The real estate crisis and the lack of employment lead their owners to opt for this barter.
The Police have recovered “in just 13 hours” 12,736 cell phones, 84 laptops and computer equipment, valued at more than 3 million euros, which had been stolen from a warehouse of the
“I am at the Loeches City Hall and I have put the little truck at the door. Call the press”. This was the call that his son David received from his father, José María Solís, shortly after eight o’clock in the morning.
Agents of the Civil Guard, belonging to the Patrimony Group of the Judicial Police of the Madrid Command, have arrested a dangerous robber who had acted in some localities of Madrid.
He is known under a prosaic name. Behind its doors, just another leisure establishment. But it also hides what has been considered the “headquarters” of the Chinese triads settled in the capital.

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In this regard, Raimundo Torrijos has pointed out that “we propose that in Torrejón de la Calzada and Torrejón de Velasco a large parking lot that allows the residents of all these towns can park, leave their cars there, and avoid the collapse suffered by the A-42, plus it is a way to reduce smoke and noise pollution”.
“We propose that an interchange be built there, because that would allow bus service from the Torrejón de la Calzada station to Torrejón de Velasco to communicate with the rest of the towns. So you could arrive either with the car to the parking lot, or with a bus service that would leave them in the train to move and also communicate all the villages in the south of Madrid, which today are cut off from each other,” he argued.
The platform for the extension of the C-4 line of the Cercanías was received last week by the Mayor of Parla, Luis Martínez Hervás, and by the Councilor for Mobility and Transport, Javier Molina, to whom they have shown their gratitude for the support received in this claim.

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Although Torrejón de la Calzada has its origins in the sixteenth century, within its territory, and despite the small size of it, there have been found numerous archaeological sites belonging mostly to the late medieval (XII-XV centuries) and Modern Age (XV-XVIII centuries), there is one, the Villa de Humanejos, which is mostly in the municipality of Parla and whose dating can be placed in the Roman Imperial period (27 BC 476 AD). It also appears that there was a Roman road from which the town has taken the name of the Calzada. All this area became Castilian from the eleventh century, after the conquest of Madrid in 1083 by Alfonso VI, King of Castile and Leon between 1037 and 1109, and by the twelfth century the territory is part of the Community of Life and Land of Madrid.
The said site of Torrejón de la Calçada had always been a populated place and had its exido and pasture and had been depopulated by a pestilence and that today the church is there, and it had begun to build houses and there were twelve or fifteen inhabitants who enjoyed the said pasture and exido; this affirms the existence of an earlier settlement, situating the origins of the municipality as prior to the foundation of it by Francisco de Pero Abad and Bartolomé de Harija. Likewise, in another previous document referring to a visit that the archbishop of Toledo ordered in 1427 that was made to all the parishes of Madrid and that we have in page 146 of the same work before, we read about the one of San Cristóbal that [

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