Clínica nostra senyora del remei

Santa elena clinic

From July 2017 we started to provide the integral management service of the laboratory of the Clínica Nostra Senyora del Remei in Barcelona, in the specialties of Biochemistry, Hematology and Hemostasis, Microbiology and Immunology; for outpatients, inpatients and emergencies of the Clinic.
The laboratory management service is carried out under the supervision of a specialist physician from Apa Laboratoris Clinics, who is also responsible for the quality assurance system, staff training and direct communication with the Clinic’s medical staff and the Management.

Polyclinic barcelona

This center was born from the illusion and desire to improve the health of all its clients. This illusion is developed in harmony with the concepts of beauty and wellness, so that they will take care of you inside and out. You will feel how they take care of you with each manicure, each facial hygiene or with each of their spectacular massages, which will be able to transport you to a world full of sensations.
Clinica Dental El Prat, in El Prat de Llobregat has a way of understanding oral health far removed from the traditional model. The new era of dental clinics believes in happy spaces to change the mentality of patients: you don’t go to appointments to suffer. This is the most appropriate place to undergo that oral hygiene you need so much or that LED teeth whitening you want so much.
The team of dentists is young, passionate and with an enormous human and social responsibility. They also make use of the most advanced equipment on the market to customize oral treatments according to your needs. Do not hesitate and look healthy teeth, polished and free of tartar with just one click.

Clínica sagrada familia

The hard moments lived in childbirth or cesarean section, are rewarded by the gift of the new life they already have in their arms, and magnificent flowers express gratitude for the efforts made by the mother, her dedication during pregnancy and suffering in the intervention.
Clínica Nostra Senyora Del Remei in Barcelona for being far away or any other reason, there is an original way in which to express your support without disturbing her privacy, ask and give her flowers or any other detail that brings animation and color during her stay in the hospital.
In other countries, more deeply rooted than in ours, it is customary to give flowers to the sick. It is a cheerful way of wishing their recovery and transmitting the desire to brighten up their stay, since hospital rooms are usually sad and boring.
In addition, it is good to send along with the flowers or gift a personal note that shows your wishes of recovery, we can help you to write it if you wish, with the experience of our staff, for those who do not know how to convey in writing what your heart wants to convey to the convalescent person.

Remedy clinic

The first additional provision of the Regulation of compulsory insurance of civil liability in the circulation of motor vehicles, approved by Royal Decree 1507/2008, of September 12, provides for the publication in the Official State Gazette by the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds of the list of healthcare centers and medical emergency services and of the insurance companies that sign agreements for the assistance of traffic injuries.
First.-To publish the list of the private health centers adhered to the agreement for the assistance to traffic injured people that, with effect from January 1, 2008, will be in force until December 31, 2009. Said list is included in Annex 1 of this Resolution.
Second: To publish, likewise, the list of insurance companies which, together with the Insurance Compensation Consortium of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, are adhered to the aforementioned agreement. The aforementioned list is included in Annex 2 of this Resolution.

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