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“At the beginning of the treatment, you should combine Pronokal foods in the 5 meals a day, and combine them with vegetables at lunch and dinner,” explains the official website. All of them are protein foods that provide 15 grams of protein and among its catalog are products such as shakes, bars and even pizza, pasta or breads.
But just because it helps you lose weight quickly, it does not mean that it is a recommended way to lose weight. Because it restricts the intake of certain foods, giving priority to processed products, with the consequences for your body that this may entail.
There are some side effects that can occur linked to the process of ketosis. These are a series of symptoms that a person may experience at the beginning of any type of ketogenic diet, ranging from nausea or headaches, to dizziness, muscle cramps or low energy levels.
Beyond the health implications, this is an extra complication when it comes to combining diet and social life – think, for example, what you will do if you want to eat out if you can only eat this brand of food.

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She insisted so much that I listened to her and I did it. Why not lose a few pounds?    Let’s go there. The Pronokal offices in Diego de Leon, Madrid, are beautiful, everything is very nice, and gives the impression that you are in good hands. The girls who attend you are very nice and in every corner there is that magical halo of good vibes. As soon as I enter the offices, I see a girl carrying a bag full of milkshakes and bagpipes. She pays 400 euros in cash. They are strong. They take me to an office and tell me that they have to put me in touch with a doctor specialized in nutrition and that he will tell me what I have to do.
I spend the day eating these shakes and only vegetables. I feel very strange and an unbearable headache takes over. It is unbearable, and I take a gelocatil. Wrong, it hurts more. I call the doctor and tell him I can’t take it anymore. He tells me that I have to take ibuprofen, that the gelocatil is worse. I will never forget that day for being the day with the biggest headache of my life. And what can I say, that was suspicious to me. Something that gives you such a big blow to the body right at the beginning… bad.

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When I left the diet (since I abandoned it without finishing all its phases, as I have already explained on occasion), I tried many times to resume it and I was never able to continue it. Later, in June 2013, I put a name to my eating disorder and understood that I am a compulsive eater. From that moment on, I focused more on overcoming my compulsion than losing weight, although I tried to lose weight as well.
My compulsion has not disappeared but I control it much better. For some time now there has been no binge eating, no continuous snacking during the day, I am able to overcome states of stress or sadness without resorting to food, although it still “calls me”. When I eat sweets, I do it in a voluntary and controlled way. The other day I decided that at the end of the day I was going to eat a sweet, I was thinking for hours what to choose, I wanted something really special, that I really liked. In the end I decided on a chocolate donut. I waited until the end of the day to buy it, carried it in the passenger seat the whole trip without touching it, left it in the kitchen when I got home and put on comfortable clothes, put on a glass of wine and sat down to eat the donut on a dessert plate with a fork and knife. I savored each piece I put in my mouth, enjoyed the sensation of the chocolate crunching between my teeth and ate it slowly and leisurely. Only those of you who are really compulsive eaters can understand the value of accomplishing something like this, the rest will think I just skipped my diet by eating a donut.

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