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Interview with miguel martínez de corta

In this regard, Matínez, who is preparing to face his first classic with the azulgrana shirt, told Sportivísimo that: “Thanks to God, Popi, as well as the goalkeeping coach, Waldemar (Chena), talked to me a lot, and today we are fulfilling the requirements of Cerro’s goal. This is my seventh (as a starter), we are adding up little by little”, said the goalkeeper with a lot of confidence.
Also, when asked about what the pressure of guarding the goal of a big club means to him, after his debut in the First Division in the ranks of General Díaz and his subsequent move to Ciclón for the current season, Martínez commented that, despite his young age, he is getting the hang of it.

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On the other hand, Jorge García Moreno (2000) from Liceo and Daniel Sánchez Louzán (1998), from Galaico, also scored three individual victories. The long-distance swimmer from Fuerteventura won the 100, 400 and 800 freestyle with times of 50.86, 3:58.78 and 8:19.01, while the sprinter from Pontevedra did the same in the 50 and 100 backstroke (25.69 and 57.13) and in the 50 freestyle (23.74).
The short breaststroke events went to David González (2000), from Pabellón Ourense, winning in the 50 and 100m with records of 28.95 and 1:03.25, while the international junior Carlos Souto (2003), from Club del Mar, won the title in the 200m with 2:18.60.
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The diagnosis of HPV infection is considered by women as a serious health problem and immediately associated with cervical cancer, however, it is a very common disease and in some cases cure spontaneously and only requires monitoring, in other situations knowing the type of virus, gives us the opportunity to decide whether or not to do an invasive treatment that will depend on the clinical review and the study of Papanicolaou and colposcopy.
This diagnosis is the result of a hormonal imbalance, which leads to alterations from loss of menstrual regularity, to lack of menstruation and difficulty in achieving pregnancy. It is desirable to achieve an adequate and personalized treatment, which limits its complications in your health, not always by way of medical treatment.
The ovary by its nature is a cyst-former, that is every 13-14 days after the start of the menstrual period in an ultrasound we can see a cyst of 2 cm filled with a liquid called follicular and that usually disappears before your next period. However, sometimes we find that some cysts look different, that is not filled with liquid, but with other substances inside (blood, fat, etc.) These cysts must be properly diagnosed by ultrasound and with complementary blood tests to ensure that it will not be something that puts you at risk.

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