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The objective of the Perez de la Romana Institute is to fulfill in a satisfactory way the wishes of its patients, for this purpose it has qualified personnel, spacious and safe facilities, materials and products of great quality and with proven efficiency. The best for our clients, who are our reason for being. Treatments are offered:
All our specialists strive to provide the special treatment that each patient deserves, starting by establishing a sincere and respectful communication with which we can accurately determine the specific requirements of each patient and indicate the treatment that will provide the expected and lasting results over time.
Our modern facilities offer all the privacy, comfort and security that our patients require. In them you will find the solution to your problems in the hands of highly qualified specialists, who will use innovative and effective techniques to achieve satisfactory results.

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It is the second time I repeat with Dr. Perez de la Romana and his team. This time I had two operations on the 15th of this month and the recovery is going very well. The treatment in the operating room, the girls at the reception Andrea and Irene… and with the doctor is very good. I recommend
The attention that Dr. Federico Perez de la Romana gave me was excellent, I had an otoplasty, I went by recommendations of friends who had undergone surgery at the Instituto Perez de la Romana and I was satisfied with the surgery and care, my recovery was very fast.
They have treated us very well, they are all very professional and very good people at the Perez de la Romana Institute. My brother, according to medical recommendations, was a candidate for bariatric surgery. We consulted here and they gave us the confidence to do it. Everything went well, he is recovering very well.
From the experience I have with Dr. Federico Perez de la Romana, I can say that he is an excellent doctor, both in patient care and his human quality make him a totally reliable person, I have had several surgeries and all have been favorable, without doubt the best in his area.

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Nowadays we live in times in which personal image is a key to social and professional success. Good appearance has always been a very valuable weapon to gain the confidence of the people you interact with, to be self-confident and to raise self-esteem.
To carry out an intervention of this type, several factors must be taken into account: choose a good surgeon, make sure that the technique used is appropriate for your particular case and choose a clinic whose facilities offer the maximum possible security.
Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to know the Instituto Pérez de la Romana, a Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in Alicante with a team of great professionals.
It aims to give a beautiful and natural look to the breasts, improving any defect they may have. This operation is usually performed after puberty, when the breast has finished its growth stage.
It is aimed at giving a more youthful and harmonious appearance to parts of the face, including the eyelid area, nose and neck. It covers many types of operations such as: facelift, which is to raise the sagging tissues of the face and neck, caused by age and external factors; ultrasonic rhinoplasty or lip augmentation with prosthesis or hyaluronic acid infiltration.    However, there are many other less frequent operations, but often obtain spectacular results, such as ear surgery or non-invasive treatments such as facial peeling or Facetite and Necktite (lifting without scars).

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Federico Pérez de la Romana, alicantino, licenciado en medicina y especialista en cirugía plástica y reparadora por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, fue becado y continuó sus estudios de cirugía plástica y estética en la Universidad de California y en los hospitales universitarios de San Diego, Los Ángeles y San Francisco. La trayectoria profesional del Dr. Pérez de la Romana ha destacado por la innovación y la aplicación de las técnicas más revolucionarias, debido a su pertenencia a sociedades estadounidenses y a su colaboración con los más prestigiosos especialistas de Estados Unidos.

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