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The treatment known as Belkyra is an injectable substance, deoxycholate, which is used for the elimination of double chin. It offers spectacular results from the first session. In most cases two sessions are necessary, in the most extreme cases it can be up to three, spaced two months apart.
The infiltration is performed under local anesthesia, and the patient can immediately return to his daily life. This substance not only destroys the fat in the jowl area, but at the same time produces a retraction of the tissues, eliminating the flaccidity of the area. After Belkyra treatment the area may be slightly swollen and/or reddened.
One of the black beasts in aesthetics is undoubtedly the double chin, both for women and men. It is a consequence of various factors (including genetic predisposition, ageing, …

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– Couperose: also known simply as redness, caused by dilation of the capillaries. They cause redness on the surface of the skin, and usually appear on the face, neck and décolleté. Triggers include temperature changes, emotional disturbances, alcohol and certain foods. Although the vasodilation that causes them is temporary, over time the capillaries can become permanently dilated. There are many topical treatment options, but if you want to eliminate them, the best treatment is laser.
– Angiomas (or vascular tumors): there are different types. Red, known as capillary hemangioma, which usually disappears with age; and violet or cavernous hemangioma, which does not disappear, and responds very well to laser treatment.
– Varicose veins: usually appear on the legs, and are due to poor venous return, which dilates the blood vessels. Triggers include obesity, sedentary lifestyle, taking certain contraceptives and hormonal alterations. There is also an important professional component: they are very frequent in people who work for long periods of time on their feet, such as hotel and catering staff, nurses and sales clerks. There are different treatments to eliminate vascular lesions that give very satisfactory results, such as sclerosis or laser.

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